German foundation Trust is a development company between the international markets of developing countries and emerging countries. Here are superficially the countries of Eastern Europe, the Near and Middle East, and North and West Africa. As part of development cooperation, we coordinate and support projects from idea to funding. The realization and the continuous support are also assured by our institute.  


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areasdv:
Support and Consulting
We provide support in organizing and conducting conversations, meetings and contacts with political, economic and administrative decision-makers in the foreign state concerned, as well as in mediating appropriate business partnerselit.
Business development
we are project and business consultants in the areas of business planning, development and processes, localization and mediation by business partners / cooperation partners.
The German Foundation Trust and its affiliated institutes and ongoing cooperation partners provide advice and assistance to start a business abroad, search for appropriate distribution channels and extension business consultation across the border.

Our founders

Meet the people that are going to take your business to the next level.
Dr.Redouan Ouazzani
Dr.Redouan Ouazzani

Ing, Msc, PhD, CEO Director of Business Development

    Dr.Matthias Behrendt
    Dr.Matthias Behrendt

    CEO, Director of Finance


      The German Foundation Trust helps to organize negotiations, meetings, establish contacts with political, economic and management decision-makers in a given country, as well as mediators to find the necessary business partners. In addition, we carry out work on projects, provide industrial and economic advice on production planning and product marketing, organizational structure, organization of production and management processes, finding place and helping in the selection of business partners.

      Our objective


      Project investments are at the heart of our operations

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